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Jester and Jane's Tower
A Collection of Creativity
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14th-Feb-2011 11:05 pm - New Community

Because I changed my username from "jester_and_jane" - which is what the jj in jjtower stood for - to princessatta, I have decided also to create a new creativity community. From now on, my non-writing and non-graphics related creative posts will be located at antisland. I have archived several of the more commented journal entries there already, but this community will also remain open for archiving purposes and for the past entries still linked various places across LJ.
20th-Jan-2011 12:47 am - Looking Back | A Megamind Fanmix
Medium: Films
Fandom: Megamind
Subject: Megamind/Roxanne Ritchie
Title: Looking Back
Warnings: Spoilers for the film.
Notes: If you're not into pop (especially current teenpop), this may not interest you haha. One song is a radio edit. Sorry if that offends you for some reason, but I don't personally like profanity in my music.

if you're the one for me, then I'll be your heroCollapse )
28th-Dec-2010 11:08 pm - 2010 In Review
The following is a brief look at the many many things that shaped my year. It is not a complete picture and I'm sure I'll think back later and be like, "Oh yeah, I should have totally added that!" Included in this is various picspams, links and a Box.net playlist.

Warnings: Possible spoilers?? The playlist includes Christian music.

...try to measure the days that we treasure...Collapse )
The following mix was created for the Big Bang challenge at disneyverse.

Medium: Film
Fandom: Pixar
Subject: General, all films
Title: Ode To Pixar: Volume Two
Warnings: There are some songs by Christian artists (but aren't religious in nature) should that offend you for some reason. There are songs fitting for canon pairs in this should you disagree with the canon (e.g some Buzz/Jessie tracks). There are a few songs that might unintentionally come across shippy (while I may or may not ship the characters, I wanted this to be general for characters that did not blatantly get together.) Some of the songs could probably be interchangeable with other Pixar films than the ones I associated them with, tbh.
Notes: You can preview each track or download them individually via the Box.net widget or you can download all at once via the ZIP. If you have any problems listening to the songs, please let me know. Yes...I know I fail at coverart/backart. I also make no guarantee on the accuracy of online lyrics.

we'll always be where we should be/i'm there for you and i know you're there for meCollapse )
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